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'Hot legal tech trends for 2021', January 9, 2021, from Law Technology Digest

This is a curious post by a multitude of iManage folks (curious in that I would expect it on their on web page, not here). With prediction-style posts, I always check the predictor and their affiliations to see how self-serving the prediction might be. All-in-all these posts are pretty good. I'm not sure I agree that 2021 will be the year of legal AI or that KM will become sexy (wasn't it always?). I do buy in that we'll move toward zero trust and that the "Security war will only be 'winnable' in the cloud." But that's what is fun about predictions, we can agree to agree or agree to disagree or argue that the prediction will be more or less intense. Read more at legalfutures: Hot legal tech trends for 2021

'The Must-haves When Designing Your New Business Office', January 9, 2021, from Law Technology Digest

Most of us are probably keeping and maintaining two offices these days. I see my "business" office periodically while I keep working on improving my "home" office. Curtis Vanhouten's post seems aimed primarily at the business office, which in today's WFH world, is only half of the story. Hardware is pretty standardized in the business offices, while almost anything can go in your home office. I would actually argue against inkjet printers and would go with a quality laser printer, even for a home office. I have a great home fridge and if I drank coffee, I'd prolly have a coffee machine too. Space can be something you simply have to deal with. I can't control the size of my business office and my home office is a former walk-in closet. It is more than adequate for storage with a four-drawer file cabinet, bookcase and wrap around shelving. From reading his comments on decor, Curtis might not approve of either of my offices. From my TARDIS light switch plate and Bob Ross Chia pet (a fun holiday gift from staff) in my home office to my Bell Telephone hard hat (my father's) and twin Thunderbirds 2 prints from England, my vibe is probably too cluttered and comfortable for him. He writes, "if it breaks the ambiance in the office, it should rather be removed." I'll have to ask more people what they think of my offices' ambiance and what breaks it. Read more at ILTA Blogs: The Must-haves When Designing Your New Business Office

'Legal Administrator Microsite', January 9, 2021, from Legal Administrator

TechLAW: More Security - Less Convenience

There is usability curve I wish to remind you of: the more security measures you take, the less convenient your systems become. Simple example is two-factor authentication. It adds an important layer of security when accessing systems, but means adding a step (receiving the authentication code) when accessing a system. For this reason, security measures are quickly ignored ... and this behavior can be detremental.

This article discusses the common practice of video meetings and use of security measures around those meetings. Case in point, Zoom added several important security tools after early experiences showing meetings could be easily hacked and videos easily misappropriated. But those security tools need to be implemented and used routinely - adding tasks when convening a Zoom meeting. Special vigilance is demanded when recording meetings for re-use..

'Legal Administrator Microsite', January 9, 2021, from Legal Administrator

BOL: Client Service

Thanks to the team at Adam Smith Esq. for this insightful article which compares client and lawyer views of client service... spoiler alert - they're very different.

Readers of the LAD know that "client service" is a hot button topic for me. "Client Service" lies in the eye of the beholder, which makes it hard to define, and harder to execute. Eye-of-the-beholder is a fungible mix of expectations and execution. Client service only works when it's intentional. I could go on.. but you get the idea.

'Law Firms May Be at a "Tipping Point": 2021 Report on the State of the Legal Market from Georgetown Law and Thomson Reuters Institute', January 9, 2021, from Law Librarian

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