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'The illusion of choice', September 26, 2020, from Law Technology Digest

Diego Lopez Yse starts out his post with these heavy duty questions, "Do you think your actions are the result of your own free choices? What if those actions are the inevitable and necessary consequence of antecedent states of affairs? What does this mean for your free will?" To find out more about the hows and whys, you need to read more at Data Science Central: The illusion of choice

'What's in wildfire smoke, and how dangerous is it?', September 26, 2020, from Law Technology Digest

If you live outside North America then this post might not be as interesting to you. The quick answer to one of the title questions is: particulate matter, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, benzene, and formaldehyde (to name a few). Smoke from the wild fires burning across California, Oregon, and Washington has crossed the country, fouling the skies above the East Coast. It changes as it moves, making the health care issues different. "In other words, what you breathe in, and how hazardous it remains, may depend on how far you live from the Pacific coast." Read more at ars technica: What's in wildfire smoke, and how dangerous is it?

Solving Problems with Legal AI: Insight and Predictive Tools

Instead of discussing and thinking about Legal AI as one big thing, it's far more helpful to look at it is as a number (at least 100) of discrete “AI-powered legal tools,” each of which has been optimized to serve a different purpose, and which may be grouped in distinct categories corresponding to the distinct purposes that they serve. 


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