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Mid-Size Firm Outpunching Its Weight  from Law Marketing Brief.  Read about how a mid-sized firm (Keesal, Young & Logan) leveraged technology and process engineering know-how in order to secure its place as "go to" outside counsel to a Fortune 500 client. We hear all the time about how technology has the potential to level the playing field but increasingly we can also see the living proof. 

LegalTech Tapas: Clause + BakerHostetler on Smart Contracts, from Law Technology Digest.  Smart contracts start with smart clauses -- that seems to be one of the basic precepts of Legal AI.

Commercial and Contract Management 2020from Leading Law Departments.  Go where the data is!  That could be the mantra for today's contract managers.  According to the IACCM, the coming decade will bring us to the era of RRP -- Relationship Resource Planning -- in which far greater corporate efficiency and cost reduction will be achieved through streamlining the management of external relationships.  INteresting reading if you're prepared to accept one more new acronym ...

The Future Is Now: Lawyers, Artificial Intelligence, And Data Analytics, from Law Firm Marketing Brief.   A good summary of the results from the 2019 ABA Legal Tech Survey, which shows the growing market acceptance of AI-powered tools, as nearly half of all lawyers report have used legal analytics software in the past year. 

Beware of Airport WiFi, from Law Technology Digest.   Do you use airport Wifi? Everybody does ... and it's incredibly fertile ground for snoopers. This article may help keep you safe next time you're sipping latte and logging on for some free airport wifi.

Back to Block: What Information Professionals Need to Knowfrom Law Librarian.  This is one of the best Blockchain overviews we have seen in quite some time. Anna Irvin and Janice Henderson recently did a presentation for LLAGNY entitled, Blockchain: What Information Professionals Need to Know, and this is the fantastic handout that accompanied the session. 

The Law Librarian Pipelinefrom Law Librarian.  Where do law librarians come from and where to they go?  -- that's what inquiring minds (especially those with good researching skills) these days want to know. 


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Incident Response: What Every Law Firm Needs to Knowfrom Leading Law Departments

LSSO RainDance Conference', save the date for the 17th Annual Raindance Conference, June 3-4, 2020

Casetext Launches CARA Patent

Casetext fired the latest salvo in the ongoing battle to bring AI powered tools to the legal research marketplace, launching a new product on their Casetext search platform, which now provides users with an AI powered search capability that has been optimized for patent law research.  

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